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A Complete package includes fixing the virus, bringing it back to normalcy and optimizing it for performance. 


If you can connect to the internet in Safe Mode with networking, and it can be fixed between 1-2 hours.


If you can/cannot connect to the internet, and it takes above 2 hours to fix. 

moneypak virus removal


moneypak virus removal


moneypak virus removal



moneypak virus removal

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call now toll free 1-888-280-9696 and we will fix it for you

  • There are no fees for Consultation & Diagnosis
  • Diagnosis & Repairs are done through Secure remote connection via TeamViewer.
  • Once we remotely analyze and diagnose the intensity of the Moneypak Virus infection, we will offer you a quote to fix it. 
  • If you agree to it, we will send you a Paypal invoice for the same via email which you can pay via your Paypal account OR Debit/Credit Card. 
  • No Credit/Debit Card information needed over the phone.
  • Upon completion of payment, we will go ahead and fix the Moneypak Virus and bring the computer back to normalcy.
  • Moneypak Virus Removal 1TimeFix comes with a 30-day service guarantee, TechCare & TotalCare+ come with a 90-day service guarantee. 
  • We also offer a 100% refund within 30 days if the computer issue is not fixed.
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